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With Squarich Selling your artwork is simple, All you have to do is e-mail us your artwork. When a customer buys your product, we'll produce it, package it and ship it for you.

Why Join us? 

What is yours is yours! 

When you send us your artwork, we will credit you. We will make sure the customers will know your name before they buy your phone cases. 


You will have your own collection link!

when you make an account with us as a designer, you will have your own collection link to promote your products everywhere you want.


 You get paid!

whenever a customer buys your phone case you will get 5 SAR = 1.33 USD

keep in mind per phone case not per artwork

so if one of your artworks was sold 1000 times you will get 5000 SAR not 5 SAR


 How you get paid?

we will pay you via PayPal, the first week of every month, no minimum required.

if you live in Saudi Arabia you can choose between PayPal and Bank wire transfer, however with Bank wire transfer there is a minimum balance of 50 SAR


Artwork specifications

  • 100% yours and not stolen from anybody else.
  • must be 1200 x 1920 px
  • saved as .jpeg
  • file size must be more than 500 kb
  • Name your designs


Ready to design with us?

register below and email your designs to

it will be reviewed and published in 24 hours

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